New or refillable ink cartridges??

As a user of ink-jet printers for quite some time, I have often asked myself whether I should use new ink cartridges every time I run out of ink, or just refill them using remanufactured ink cartridges. After having tried both, I have realized pros and cons in both of them. If somebody chooses to refill them himself, the process can be messy. It requires quite a precision and you must be careful as to not over-soak the sponge. As a result, printing quality differs from time to time and tends to be less trustworthy. On the other hand, new ink cartridges offer a steady quality of printing but come at a much higher price, making them less affordable. In the course of time, I have come to use refillable ink cartridges for drafts (that i print more often anyways) and save the new ones for final papers. Although that may seem as a time-consuming process, it fits my needs and keeps ink at a price I can afford.


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